We would like to present ourselves to you as an employer. Good logistics is only possible with employees who enjoy their job. This is why we offer long-term contracts and fair conditions. Just as the company strives for lasting, stable customer relationships, we also do everything we can to achieve long-term, stable relationships with our employees. Find out here why you should contact us today – and also find our resume.


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"No workplace is more international than a port. At this location, we employ people from more than 15 nations. The world is brightly colored, and so are we."

Britta Phillipsen, Head of Elsdorf Distribution Center

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Mitarbeiterin in der Industrielogistik im Lager


We are a globally operating logistics company with its roots in Germany. Our logistics services are vital for our customers' businesses. Whatever we do, we do it with passion. We are planners, implementers or facilitators. We are people who work with and for other people. We contribute to the business success of our customers and make logistics easier for them. The basis for all we do is collaboration, open communication and fairness in relations with each other. We value our employees and want to hold on to them. 

What makes us stand out as an employer:

  • We count on long-term cooperation: the average period of employment at BLG is 10.1 years.
  • We pay our employees at collective bargaining rates – or higher.
  • Our employees can combine family and work.
  • We are always ready to listen to your input and your expectations.
  • We offer every employee numerous opportunities for further training.
  • We embrace remote working wherever the conditions of the job make it possible.
  • Our employees are not an anonymous workforce – with employee events such as summer fetes and Christmas parties, we promote a feeling of togetherness and personal communication.

Zwei Mitarbeiterinnen bearbeiten Textilien
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3 facts to convince you of our merits.

1. We stick to the collective pay agreement as far as possible.
Vacation and Christmas bonuses are fixed parts of the pay agreement at BLG. No ifs, no buts: you receive bonuses according to the collective pay agreement for shift work, overtime and night shifts. That means: you are paid for every minute you work. None of your labor goes unrewarded. And of course, the social benefits in every pay contract are transparent, predictable and absolutely reliable.

2. We offer you extensive further training opportunities.
They include for example technical training in load securing, various Office seminars, language courses and, depending on requirements, training in management and social skills.
Internal development programs give every employee options to develop further – for example to become a foreman or an operations manager. What is more, our junior manager program is available (not only) to in-house colleagues.

3. We help you secure the future!
We have been around since 1877. One of the things we have learned in more than a century is: a long-term approach pays off. We rely on long-lasting, trust-based cooperation in all areas. That is why we offer high job security. Our employees can turn to dedicated contacts if they have personal or family problems, life crises, addictions and other problems. A company pension is available to every employee with a permanent employment contract – currently around 90% of the workforce. We also offer additional health benefits. They include
regular Health Days with medical check-ups, flu jabs and social advice. 

1,400 employees take part in our Fit&Fun fitness program.

We carried out 200 seminars and training courses in 2020.

Some 90% of our employees have permanent contracts.

More than 1,100 employees took part in training courses in 2020.

More benefits you profit from directly.

  • Company fitness program: We want you to stay healthy. That is why we cooperate with gyms and health centers to help our employees keep fit in various ways and at low cost. For a small membership fee, which can be canceled monthly, we offer a large range of gyms, swimming baths and climbing centers – depending on the region. If you like, you can train for our company runs (which are of course voluntary).
  • Company bikes: In many situations, a bike is simply the best means of transport. It is flexible, needs no fuel, keeps you fit and you can park it anywhere. To support sustainability, we have decided to offer as many employees as possible a company bike. The bikes can also be used for private purposes. You can choose from more than 2,000 cycles and motor-assisted bikes. We offer you these high-quality bikes at a significantly reduced price.
  • Staff discounts: Via an online portal, we offer all employees various discounts and special offers with selected cooperation partners. 
  • Our BLG app "Wir alle": The app is an information platform for all employees. It contains news about the company, important contacts, current meal plans in the canteen, surveys, a notice board and more. This links up all colleagues in a common network and keeps them up to date.
Mitarbeiter stehen stolz zusammen, nachdem sie am Leipziger Firmenlauf teilgenommen haben
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Drei duale Studierende stehen in der Lobby


Qualified career-starters are an important basis for the future of BLG. That is why we train our new colleagues in various ways. We want to develop our own future employees – from apprentices to management positions.

Vocational training

A large part of our new recruits come directly from an apprenticeship at BLG. In 2020, we took on 75% of our former apprentices. Because we know our hands-on apprenticeships in logistics form the ideal basis for the professional development of new colleagues. That is why we offer most of our former apprentices a job. We even won an award for it.

Dual study program

You want to delve deeper into a subject in logistics or IT but pure theory is not for you? Then our dual curriculum in logistics and informatics is just right for you.
To join the program, you need a general higher education entrance qualification and a thirst for practical work! Right from the beginning of your studies, you get to know the operational reality of BLG from the bottom up. You work on your own projects and build up a network at several BLG locations.

Internships for school and university students

Interested in practical work? We offer exciting internships in logistics for students, youngsters and young adults. Because we rely on more young talents entering the exciting, future-oriented world of modern logistics. That's why we will be happy if you accept our application as your future employer.


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[Translate to Englisch:] Eine Mitarbeiterin in einem Lager der BLG

BLG is open for new ideas and different personalities who roll up their sleeves and have the courage to dream up new ideas. Everyone has their own idiosyncrasies – and we welcome that. The personalities new faces bring to us are not just a side issue. They are what we look forward to most. And because people are so different, we give both career-starters and experienced colleagues lots of space for their own development. This also makes our locations very diverse.

"BLG is a company of different identities. The state of Bremen has grown historically on its maritime roots. In Düsseldorf or Krefeld, it's a different BLG. Our differences set us apart."

Marco Goerlich, HR Manager at BLG LOGISTICS GROUP AG & Co. KG

The variety of professions at BLG

Of course, we also come with professional experience as an employer. BLG has constantly grown since 1877 and has been able to develop a culture of diversity. We operate as an employer in these fields:

  • Commercial activities in our central departments and management
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Port logistics Auto
  • transport logistics
  • Process and project management
  • Information technology
  • Technical services



Read on to find out why we should be your new employer!

People with professional experience at BLG LOGISTICS

We want to develop further as a company – together with you.

Because BLG covers such a broad range of business fields, we welcome every individual who wants to develop with us.
Career-starters gain experience and bring fresh ideas. Experienced colleagues contribute their professional experience and can make their own mark.


We offer all employees opportunities for professional and personal further development. From warehouse worker to management position, everything is possible.


Development can include simple things such as computer courses or language courses like German for Logistics. We can also promote personal potentials, such as management competency for future operational leaders.

[Translate to Englisch:] Ein Bild von Frau Philipsen

Britta Philipsen, Head of Elsdorf Distribution Center

"I joined BLG through the Junior Manager program. What ultimately made me choose BLG was the interview. It was with the Head of HR Development. For an hour, we talked about everything I had done and experienced outside my studies. 
Then he said: 'OK, do you have any questions?' I asked whether he wanted to know anything about my knowledge of the theory behind logistics. 'Not really. What we're looking for are personalities and characters that fit our company. You're that kind of person – you can learn the rest on the job.' After that, I knew I wanted to join BLG."

What you can expect from us: The courage to embrace a new, open error culture

Wherever people work, mistakes happen. What's important is how we deal with them. Only if we learn from mistakes can we take courageous decisions for our future. And courage is important to us. Without courage, there is no innovation. Without innovation, we can't have logistics that keeps up with our changing world. To develop together, we need the right mindset and the right values.


That is why our leadership principles have a special focus on an open error culture that is independent of hierarchies.


Whether shift supervisor or Board member – every employee can directly talk to their superior if something is wrong. This is a culture that does not let sensitivities get in the way. We point out mistakes straight away. That improves our work and also lowers the barrier for talking with each other. Of course, this does not always work perfectly, but we work every day on improving our internal communication.


Because we are passionate about our work, we always take the initiative. We do this together, as a team that pulls together



Equal treatment and respect in dealings with ourselves and others are important to us. This also means encouraging each other and celebrating successes together.

Willing to change

We see change as progress. That's why we like to leave well-trodden paths and open our eyes to new things.



We take and confer responsibility, stick to rules and live and breathe a positive, constructive error culture.


Together we overcome even large obstacles, with a focus on solutions and working as a team. This means we sometimes do more than is strictly necessary.

Zwei Mitarbeiter unterhalten sich miteinander

"BLG is steeped in this down-to-earth, maritime and international culture. The port as a melting pot has been at the core of BLG for centuries."

Marco Goerlich, HR Manager

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Here is a "reference" for BLG as an employer: The fascinating career of Ilyas Ryari.

"I came to BLG via an employment agency in 2011. At the time, I had no idea what the company did. I soon realized that BLG is big – really big. That attracted me to the company. In 2013, I successfully applied for an apprenticeship as a specialist for warehouse logistics. I had a great mentor who supported me, and for two years I was the Leader of the Young Apprentices Representative Body (JAV). I think the close mentoring and the fact that apprentices have their own representatives is fantastic. It's only possible in a large company. 

Then, despite my trade apprenticeship, BLG took me on in a commercial position – giving me the opportunity to switch from the warehouse to the office. The next step was even more amazing: 

After my apprenticeship, I was able to study part-time for a BMA in International Logistics Management and a BSc. in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. You have to remember, I started at BLG as a worker with no qualifications at all.

This is what makes BLG an exceptional employer. The company wants not just its employees to be willing to change. BLG itself is also prepared to drive change and develop potentials. If you want, from forklift truck driver to a management position."

Find out more about BLG LOGISTICS


We use the term diversity management to refer to various individual measures and our open attitude toward them. This is how we manage diversity in the company.


If you're not limited to one location, you can also work for BLG at other locations. We often give experienced employees the opportunity to contribute their expertise e.g. to the establishment of new branches and to support their colleagues on the ground there. Or maybe what we need is your planning talent to support us at one of our locations abroad, e.g. in South Africa. Our large network of locations also offers you another concrete advantage: We can often meet our goal of long-term employment even if a location closes down. In that case, we do everything to offer our employees a position at another location – if that is what they want. We don't leave anybody out in the cold.

Our locations

"There have been order pickers who relocated with us, for example from Hamburg to Elsdorf. That's the greatest compliment for us as an employer."

Britta Philipsen, Head of Elsdorf Distribution Center

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During regular feedback talks, we find out our employees' current situation, where they see themselves and where they want to go. Feedback at BLG is not a one-way street: We also ask colleagues to assess themselves and to think about how they want to develop. Together we talk about how we can achieve their goals.


In our view, internal promotion comes before new recruitment. As often as possible, we occupy new management positions with existing colleagues at BLG who want to take on more responsibility. Our attitude is that people who don't yet have all the formal competencies necessary for a new position can learn them. But what can't be learned are personality, commitment, charisma or creativity. 

This applies not only to future managers – every employee should have the opportunity to develop if they want to. And we know our colleagues and what they are capable of. The bottom line: Whatever position you start in at BLG, the doors are always open for advancement.

University students can gain practical experience and combine it with their final project

We are happy to offer internships to students in the field of logistics. Our voluntary internships usually last for 2-3 months, while mandatory internships are for 6 months. We will also be happy to cooperate with you on exciting final projects. In the past, we have had very good experience with the combination of internship and final projects. Find out more here:

University students at BLG LOGISTICS

Our Junior Manager Program turns graduates into tomorrow's managers.

The Junior Manager Program has been running since 2001 and is now firmly rooted in BLG. It is an important promotional program for our junior managers. As an international, innovative logistics company, we always need fresh minds who drive our success. Have you studied Business or Engineering Science with a focus on logistics? Then please read on:



Your advantage: Processes take a long time in large companies. The paths are long, the decision-making process takes forever, and the paperwork never ends. At BLG, with just under 9,000 employees in Germany and 20,000 worldwide, we can't avoid a certain amount of administration. Be we want to come closer together and keep our decision-making processes and paths as short as possible. That's why we meet up for optimization talks completely independently of hierarchy or function. A meeting could bring together the Head of the location, two operational project managers and three forklift truck drivers. They discuss how processes in the logistics center could be safer, faster or less resource-intensive, and how to implement the improvements.

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Our legendary BLG Retail Logistics football team were the victors in the company championship. And we also enjoy other sporting activities together. Our apprentices race dragon boats, lots of colleagues regularly take part in company runs in BLG shirts. This is how BLG gives employees opportunities to get together and have fun outside of work. To face completely different challenges as a team. Sometimes spontaneously, sometimes after months of joint training. Everybody can take part as much as they want.

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"Team projects like this start at grass-roots level. One employee has an idea, gets together with colleagues, and BLG supports the initiative. That's how I suddenly found myself entering a 'Tough Mom' race."

Britta Phillipsen, Head of Elsdorf Distribution Center

[Translate to Englisch:] BLG colleagues at Venus-Lauf 2018
BLG colleagues with the next generation at the Venus run
BLG colleagues at Bremer Herzlauf 2017
Our BLG colleagues took part in the Bremer Herzlauf run

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