Advantages of an apprenticeship

Apprenticeship instead of secondary school

You already have a diploma and don’t want to spend any more time in school? That’s why an apprenticeship is the right thing for you:

  • Practical relevance: in vocational school, you learn theory that you can experience in practice. That will take you places.
  • Financial independence: finally earn your own money starting on the very first day of your apprenticeship.
  • Great chances of being hired: if you do well during your apprenticeship, we will give you permanent employment once you are done.

What happens next? We keep supporting you even after your apprenticeship. Or do you want to go to the lecture hall? With a completed apprenticeship, you have a subject-specific entrance qualification allowing you to study at an institution of higher education, even without your school-leaving examination.

First the apprenticeship, then studies.

Are you a high-school graduate and want to study? This is why an apprenticeship before your studies is a good idea for you as well:

  • Practical experience: in your apprenticeship, you get well-rounded insights into the real processes of the company.
  • The practical experience you gain will make it easier for you to choose the right study program. And: you don’t need to choose right after your school leaving examination.
  • You can arrange for an additional waiting semester and thereby increase your chances of getting your desired place of study.
  • You earn Brownie points from your future employer. Many companies prefer applicants who have both: a completed study program and an apprenticeship.

Combine an apprenticeship and a study program

Apprenticeship or study program?

Why decide on one when both are possible? In our dual curriculum programs, we connect practice and theory. Use what you have learned directly in your professional everyday life and take on exciting tasks.

Curious? Learn more about our dual curriculum here.

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Human resources apprenticeship

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Human resources apprenticeship

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