BA in Logistics and Process Management

This dual work/study program is a practice-oriented and academic educational program, as an alternative to a college education. You first learn the commercial and economic basics as well as gaining industry-specific knowledge. In the second level, you specialize in operational functions and deepen your industry-specific knowledge. You can also take the examination for forwarding and logistics services clerk or for industrial clerk.

This means one course – and two qualifications!


What field of activity is involved?

This Bachelor degree course prepares you for middle management tasks in the areas of logistics and trade.

The program focuses on logistics and process management as well as business studies. Your management skills training will prepare you for a leadership position at a later point in your career.

What shape do the studies take?

The Bachelor degree comprises six semesters. Each semester is split into one 11-week study phase at the Hochschule für Internationale Wirtschaft und Logistik (HIWL) (School of International Business and Supply Chain Management) and one 12-week practical phase in the company. During the practical phase, you will be deployed in the different operational and commercial areas and work independently on projects.

At our sites in Thüringen, we collaborate with the Berufsakademie (BA) Eisenach and the Berufsakademie (BA) Gera (universities of cooperative education).

What is the content of the course studies?

  • Business English
  • Logistics and process management
  • Transport/logistics
  • Logistics concepts and production management
  • Logistics and business process analysis
  • Logistics controlling
  • Supply chain management
  • Organization

What is required of me?

The prerequisite for this degree course is an "allgemeine Hochschulreife" or equivalent (general entrance qualification for all higher education). Unfortunately, a "Fachhochschulreife" (certificate from a vocational school) is not sufficient.

Where is this dual work/study program offered?

At our sites in:

  • Bremen
  • Bremerhaven
  • Eisenach
  • Kölleda

Current vacancies

Vacancies in Germany

All our departments in Germany offer a wide range of different jobs. The current vacancies you will find under the link below. You just have to choose your favorite workplace, job type and field of work. Due to the location, all our job advertisements are in written in German.

Vacancies in Germany

Vacancies worldwide

All over the world we are searching for new employees continuously. If you are interested in jobs on a special international department, just follow the link below and find an overview over all our departments. For current vacancies or an application please contact the contact person of the respective department. 

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