Office management clerk

In this skilled trade, you work a great deal on the computer, It involves managing different types of filing for documentation purposes, which need to be updated constantly.

You work most of the time with Word, Excel, Outlook and internal programs. Among others, tasks include purchase of materials and equipment, checking of incoming invoices, posting of documents, and professional acceptance, processing, and control of orders, as well as general correspondence in our different operational and commercial areas.

What shape does the training take?

The training takes place in all departments that are relevant to the job and according to an operational training plan with specific training content. You generally change departments every four months. The different training departments include the communications department, accounting, HR, and many others.

In general, training takes three years, but in specific circumstances, it may be shortened to two and a half years.

What is taught in the vocational school?

  • German, and optionally a foreign language
  • Accountancy
  • Data processing
  • Business administration
  • Politics

What is the content of the training?

  • Basic economics
  • Occupational safety/environmental protection
  • Basic functions of a training organization
  • Text entry/data processing
  • Human resource management/payroll
  • Order and invoice processing
  • Warehousing

What is required of me?

  • A good "mittlerer Realschulabschluss" or equivalent (general education school leaving certificate obtained on completion of grade 10 at secondary school)
  • MS Office user knowledge

Where is the training provided?

At our sites in: 

  • Bremen
  • Bremerhaven
  • Hamburg
  • Kelheim

Current vacancies

Vacancies in Germany

All our departments in Germany offer a wide range of different jobs. The current vacancies you will find under the link below. You just have to choose your favorite workplace, job type and field of work. Due to the location, all our job advertisements are in written in German.

Vacancies in Germany

Vacancies worldwide

All over the world we are searching for new employees continuously. If you are interested in jobs on a special international department, just follow the link below and find an overview over all our departments. For current vacancies or an application please contact the contact person of the respective department.

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