BLG LOGISTICS is a firmly established name in global logistics. With our experience and our intuition that allows us to tune in to the spirit of the times, we combine traditional port logistics with a wide variety of modern logistics services. At more than 100 sites throughout the whole world, we provide over 16,000 future-proof jobs. Find out here what benefits await you at BLG.

Management principles ensure a good working environment

Our management principles are a reflection of how our managerial staff perceive their roles and responsibilities. Regular training sessions in this area are fully supported by our managers.

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Partnership and fairness

BLG LOGISTICS as an employer is committed, cosmopolitan, and a shaping force. We stand out due to our fairness, reliability, and proximity to our customers. Teamwork defines everyday life and, since the opinions of our employees are important to us, we conduct a comprehensive employee survey every two years. Our employees are the basis for our success. Therefore, our aim is to work together long-term with contented and committed employees who identify with our company and are happy to come to work.

Training and advanced training as a foundation stone

We are absolutely committed both to the training of our own young talent and the targeted continued development of all of our employees. Whether people are undergoing their first vocational training, in a dual work/study program, or doing advanced training, BLG LOGISTICS fosters all talents at all levels.

It is extremely important to us that each employee can individually develop and advance during his or her career. Therefore, we offer numerous training places and support individual advanced training for our employees, for example, entrance into an integrated work/study program. In addition, we run internal development programs such as our ace young talent program and our junior management program, offering the participants a chance to get to know the company thoroughly and qualify for a managerial career.

School pupils without a training place are given the chance to work in our logistics centers. In parallel, over four and a half years of in-service training, they can prepare for the chamber of commerce external examination for warehouse logistics specialist. We support them with intensive supervision, integrated tuition, and supplementary training.

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Compatibility of family and career

At BLG, the provision we make for family requirements is directed not only at working parents. It also particularly gives the young mothers and fathers in training a chance and actively supports them in caring for their dependents e.g. with flexible working time models. In addition, BLG employees benefit from many different healthcare and holiday care options, as well as an employee welfare counseling service.

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Individually structured company pension scheme

In addition to the support we provide in the area of career and family, another important building block is the company pension scheme. Together with our employees, we develop individual options for structuring their pension schemes. This may include, for example, the option of a social plan for the future that can be utilized individually in whatever way the employee chooses.

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