Management principles

The management principles form the foundation for our cooperation, employee management, employee development, and talent management. They are based on our
mission statement, in which our employees are recognized as a central element of the performance of BLG LOGISTICS.

To implement these principles, instruments are available to managers and employees, which in most cases have been agreed between company management and works councils.

The management principles should promote the satisfaction of the employees and contribute to the optimization of the business
processes. Therefore, the implementation of these principles is checked periodically via employee surveys.

Our management principles at a glance

  1. We consistently dedicate ourselves to the company goals and have a special role model function in this respect.
  2. We actively practice management through delegation in decentralized structures.
  3. We manage by objectives.
  4. We manage with end-to-end information and communications processes.
  5. We have short decision-making paths and involve the employees in the decision-making process.
  6. We each work under our own responsibility but also together as part of the team.
  7. We recognize the abilities and achievements of our employees and take our social responsibility seriously.
  8. We promote the professional and personal development of our employees.