Leadership principles

We have a mission statement and leadership principles, and we work together on this basis. What does that mean concretely? For us, the management, support, and development of our employees take center stage. We place great value on that, and that is what makes us successful.

We support our managers and give them the tools they need to successfully implement the leadership principles.

Because we want:

  • Satisfied employees and customers
  • Excellent processes
  • Convinced customers

How do we keep succeeding?

We regularly perform employee surveys, champion quality management and live daily process optimization – because as logisticians, we never stand still.

Our leadership principles

  • We consistently champion corporate goals and have a special role model function in the process.
  • We live management by delegating to decentralized structures.
  • We manage with target agreements.
  • We manage with consistent information and communication processes.
  • We have short decision paths and involve employees in the decision-making process.
  • We work autonomously in the team together.
  • We recognize the abilities and performance of our employees and take our social responsibility seriously.
  • We support the professional and personal development of our employees.

Leadership principles

Create trust - manage successfully.