How to find BLG LOGISTICS (headquarters)


Whether you are coming by car, by bike, or public transport, our headquarters here at Präsident-Kennedy-Platz 1 in Bremen is easy to reach. Depending on the means of transport you choose, you have the following options:

By car

Due to the one-way system, you can only access BLG directly via Kohlhökerstraße (from the east):

From the north (e.g. freeway approach road „Universität“) come via Parkallee/Hermann-Böse-Straße. Before the junction into Herdentorsteinweg, turn left into Rembertiring and follow the continuation of this street into the street „Auf den Häfen“. Then turn right into Salvador-Allende-Straße and right again into Kohlhökerstraße.

From the west (e.g. from freeway approach road „Freihafen“) come via the overpass Breitenweg and Rembertiring/Auf den Häfen, and then turn right into Salvador-Allende-Straße.

If you are using a navigation system, enter Kohlhökerstraße 37 as your destination.

By public transport

Thanks to its central location in Präsident-Kennedy-Platz, you can reach our office building quickly on foot from the central stops of all the main lines, BSAG „'am Domshof“ and „am Hauptbahnhof“ (main station). This also applies for all DB trains arriving at “am Hauptbahnhof” (see area map for other stops).

From Domsheide: pass the cathedral, across Domshof and Bischofsnadel, then through the Wallanlagen (ramparts) directly to Präsident-Kennedy-Platz (approx. 10 min.).

From Hauptbahnhof: come via Rembertiring in the direction of Ostertorviertel (the Ostertor district). Shortly before the „Kreisel“ (roundabout), turn right into Rembertistraße and carry on directly into Präsident-Kennedy-Platz (approx. 7 min.). Or from Hauptbahnhof, go straight on through Herdentorsteinweg, turn left into the Contrescarpe and then along Stadtgraben to Präsident-Kennedy-Platz (approx. 8 min.).

By bicycle

From the north come via Fedelhören or Rembertistraße.

From the east come via Kohlhökerstraße.

From the south or west come via Contrescarpe or Wallanlagen.