Logistics services for the automotive supply industry

In Eisenach, BLG provides logistics services for automotive suppliers located in the area. These services include just-in-time production supply for our customers, the internal transport logistics, the warehousing, and the shipping of finished products. 

Our range of services:

  • Just-in-time production supply with purchased parts and raw materials 
  • Just-in-time packaging supply 
  • Small load carrier container management 
  • Small load carrier cleaning 
  • Internal transports 
  • Production disposal 
  • Warehousing/consignment storage 
  • Goods picking 
  • Packaging and repackaging services 
  • Shipment processing 
  • Customs processing 
  • Shuttle transport 
  • Transport control and scheduling
Small load carrier empties management in Eisenach
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How to find us:

BLG Industrielogistik GmbH & Co. KG
Dürrerhöfer Allee 2
99817 Eisenach