Logistic Services in India

The headquarters of the joint venture BLG Parekh Logistics Pvt Ltd. Is in Mumbai. The most important port city in India is capital of the state of Maharashtra. Mumbai is an important transport hub with freeways, overland bus terminals, port, air and rail connections, and two seaports. It is also the main hub for traffic to southern India. Further locations of BLG LOGISTICS in the state of Maharashtra are in Ranjangaon, an industrial zone 50 kilometers from Pune, and in Aurangabad. Aurangabad is also the home of important companies in the automobile and two-wheeler industries.

Chennai is on the east coast and is capital of the state of Tamil Nadu. The port of Chennai is the second largest in India. Many major automobile manufacturers have factories in and around Chennai. In addition, just under 90 percent of the Indian automotive supply industry is located in the region.

Alwar is in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Our joint venture BLG Parekh Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is responsible for the management of the internal logistics in a commercial vehicle plant here.

Our joint venture BLG Parekh Logistics Pvt. Ltd., offers the following services on this sites in India:

  • Consolidation/deconsolidation
  • On-site logistics
  • Transport and distribution
  • Customs clearance
  • Sequencing
  • Value added services
  • Contract logistics
  • Line feeding
  • After-sales logistics
  • Auto parts logistics
  • Storage
  • Sequencing
  • Sub-assembly
  • Handover of the vehicles in the Chennai plant to the assembly area
  • Shuttling of vehicles from the assembly area to VDC/storage area
  • Maintenance of vehicles
  • Preparation of vehicles for transport by truck
  • Movement of vehicles within the storage area
  • Box assembly
  • Pre-assembly
  • Outbound transport

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