On an area of around 66,000 square meters, our site in Kalinovka near Kiev boasts a capacity for 3,000 vehicles. Some 80 employees are responsible for the handling, storage, and transport of the vehicles. Arriving at the terminal by truck or sometimes by short sea feeder via Illichivsk, the vehicles are temporarily stored there. They are then distributed in the Ukraine, primarily by our own fleet of trucks. Furthermore, BLG ViDi Logistics can carry out the technical processing of the vehicles in its own workshop on site. Here, the vehicles from many different manufacturers are processed with a high level of technical expertise. This processing includes washing, dewaxing, inspection, and special modifications or fitting of equipment.

The terminal in the Ukraine has a duty-free warehouse. In the customs offices based at the terminal, all imported goods can be cleared through customs within a very short time.

  • Terminal processing
  • Storage
  • Customs clearance
  • Pre-delivery inspection (PDI)
  • Transport
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