Company Report 2019

Being in motion is our business. Our mission: to make logistics easier for our customers and ensure they are successful in the market. Despite the challenges encountered by each and every one of us, we always manage to maintain the right balance.

It´s a matter of attitude.

Interview with Frank Dreeke CEO


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BLG LOGISTICS Milestones in 2019

What we set in motion.

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Highlights from the divisions


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Sustainability Report 2019

The report provides you with up-to-date information on developments and successes as well as the challenges of our corporate responsibility in relation to ecological, social, and economic sustainability.

For the first time, we are also integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our reporting and explaining our new climate protection target for 2030.

Sustainability management

Our goal: Taking the interests of our stakeholders into account

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Materiality analysis

Our systematic analysis that identifies topics relevant to BLG

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Sustainability at BLG LOGISTICS

Firmly anchored in our strategy since 2012

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Financial Report 2019

Despite difficult conditions, we achieved our previous year's result again.
We are countering the increasing uncertainties in 2020 with a clear course.

Kennzahlen der BLG-Gruppe

Key figures of the BLG group

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Kennzahlen der BLG-Gruppe

The BLG share

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EBT in million EUR


Dividend in EUR


Dividend yield in percent

Annual Financial Statement of BLG AG

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GRI Content-Index

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