Company Report 2018

Title page BLG LOGISTICS Corporate Report 2018 English

Optimization, community, trust, resource saving, change, productivity, responsibility, career, quality of life, passion, growth.

These are all things we love.

Interview with Frank Dreeke


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BLG LOGISTICS Milestones in 2018

We moved a lot

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Highlights from the divisions


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Sustainability Report 2018

Title page of the BLG LOGISTICS Sustainability Report 2018 English

We explain how we tackle our ecological, economic and social responsibilities and report extensively on the main non-financial aspects of our business activities.

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Six years ago, BLG LOGISTICS set itself an ambitious climate protection goal. In business year 2018, we came significantly closer to achieving it. But read about it yourself...

Sustainability management

Our goal: Taking the interests of our stakeholders into account

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Materiality analysis

Our systematic analysis that identifies topics relevant to BLG

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Sustainability at BLG LOGISTICS

Firmly anchored in our strategy since 2012

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Financial Report 2018

The members of the Executive Board of BLG LOGISTICS are standing at a warehouse railing

Overall, 2018 was a successful business year for the BLG Group. It certainly featured challenges, but also produced lots of good news.

Kennzahlen der BLG-Gruppe

Key figures of the BLG group

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Kennzahlen der BLG-Gruppe

The BLG share

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EBT in million EUR


Dividend in EUR


Dividend yield in percent

Annual Financial Statement of BLG AG

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GRI Content-Index

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