Corporate Governance Report

Corporate Governance Report

Corporate Governance covers the whole system of managing and supervision of a company including organisation of the company, its business principles and guidelines as well as the system of internal and external mechanisms of controlling and supervising. Corporate Governance offers a structure for managing and controlling of a company orientated at the principles of social market economy and sustainable value added.

Our Corporate Governance Report, which also represents the declaration on management according to § 289a German Commercial Code, shows the essential elements of the Corporate Governance Structures of BREMER LAGERHAUS-GESELLSCHAFT –Aktiengesellschaft von 1877– group:

  • Declaration of Conformity of management board and supervisory board
  • essential management procedures beyond legal requirements
  • structure and approach of management board and of supervisory board.


The German Stock Corporation Law requires public limited companies to have statutes (articles of incorporation). Click below for the current version of the statutes of BREMER LAGERHAUS-GESELLSCHAFT –Aktiengesellschaft von 1877–.

Statutes of BREMER LAGERHAUS-GESELLSCHAFT –Aktiengesellschaft von 1877– (German)
(PDF / 110 KB)

Directors' Dealings

In accordance with Art. 19 sec. 1 EU Market Abuse Regulation, persons discharging managerial responsibilities, as well as persons closely associated with them, shall notify the issuer and the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (German Financial Supervisory Authority) of every transaction conducted on their own account relating to the shares or debt instruments of that issuer (or other financial instruments linked thereto).

Any subsequent transactions once a total transaction volume of €5,000.00 has been reached within a calendar year must be reported. The transactions of each person are to be considered separately.

BLG LOGISTICS publishes notifications of such transactions on this website in accordance with Art. 19 sec. 1  EU Market Abuse Regulation

Date Announcement

To date, no announcements on transactions by members of management according to §15a Securities Trading Law have been published.

Current declaration of Conformity

Find here the declaration of Conformity of BREMER LAGERHAUS-GESELLSCHAFT –Aktiengesellschaft von 1877– for the year 2018:

Declaration of Conformity of BREMER LAGERHAUS-GESELLSCHAFT –Aktiengesellschaft von 1877–
(PDF / 15 KB)

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