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BLG LOGISTICS GROUP has developed into a globally-operating logistics company with a strong local base. Our customers include the leading German automobile manufacturers as well as strong commercial brands. With our logistics solutions, we are an important interface for your success. It doesn't matter how complex the task is, customers are looking for a simple solution. We are a growing company. Globally, BLG LOGISTICS currently provides around 18,000 jobs, a large part of them in Bremen and Bremerhaven. This implies a high level of responsibility for the region. For us, the skills of our employees constitute an important factor in our success.

Making a difference sustainably

Socially, ecologically, economically.

The successful development of a company is measured not only by business ratios. Companies today face many different social, ecological, and economical challenges.

In 2012, BLG declared the subject of sustainability to be a management level issue and set this down in writing in the company's first sustainability report.

All information on the subject of sustainability

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