Compliance at BLG

The Code of Conduct of the BLG LOGISTICS GROUP defines, based on the laws, standards for the behavior of our employees and executives.

The Code of Conduct is used as a guideline for the daily business with national and international business partners, clients and suppliers. Due to this, we focused on the internal topics and listed them in detail.

We focused the following statements:

  • Working environment: Diversity and equality of opportunity; Health and safety at the workplace; Sustainability and environmental protection; Responsibility of the managers
  • Conduct towards business partners, competitors and authorities: Anticorruption; Dealings with authorities and third parties; Donations and sponsoring; Fair competition
  •  Avoidance of conflicts of interest: Personal interests; Secondary employment and shareholdings
  • Protection of corporate values: Protection of the property of the BLG LOGISTICS GROUP; Data protection and data security
  • Implementation of the Code of Conduct: Duty of compliance; Sensitization and training


Further information

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