Digitalization and innovation in logistics

We are shaping the future of logistics!

Digitalization is presenting the logistics industry with countless opportunities. In collaboration with partners, including start-ups and emerging enterprises, our DigiLab is developing innovative solutions for the future of logistics. This engagement highlights the role of BLG LOGISTICS as one of the industry’s innovation leaders.

Our most outstanding innovation projects

technical device measures something

Freight quality tracking

This project is pursuing the goal of making information about the condition and location of goods available at all times. In conjunction with one of its largest clients, BLG LOGISTICS is developing a new digital service...

Stocktaking with drones

Among the operations being supported by drones at the BLG facility in Emmerich are periodic stocktaking and weekly rack inspections.

Employee at BLG LOGISTICS wears smart glasses

Smart glasses put to the test

BLG LOGISTICS is field testing both augmented and virtual reality.

Innovation calls for smart policies

Every idea and every innovation project is different, which makes a variety of approaches essential. Some ideas are based on emerging technologies that still need to be researched, while others are so mature that they can be integrated in daily operations within just a short time. For this reason we have established three distinctive formats – 100-day projects, operating projects and research projects. In every instance, however, the process always remains flexible.

30 100-day projects
15 operating projects
124 research projects
Ideas development at the push of a button? It’s not quite that simple. Our team has the task of creating a climate in which creativity and innovation can flourish.
Jakub Piotrowski, Head of Sustainability & Digitalization

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