The excellent robot-aided logistics concept “Stargate meeting point”

Innovation – BLG launched this drive back in 2014 at the logistics center in Frankfurt when it introduced its robot-aided logistics concept „Stargate – Logistics at the Human-Robot Interface“. G-Com is the technology that has revolutionized intralogistics in the BLG logistics center in Frankfurt. Developed jointly by BLG and its customer, the system won the German Logistics Award in 2015 and the European Logistics Award one year later. It is based on the concept of a mobile pick-and-place warehouse.

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Ela-Award 2016 and German Award for Supply Chain Management in 2015

Smart containers for the automobile industry – the project “SaSCh”

With a digital lighthouse project for the automobile industry BLG LOGISTICS, jointly with Bosch, the Bremen Institute for Production and Logistics (BIBA), GS1 Germany and queo, won out in a technology competition of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy: The project SaSCh – an acronym for “Digital services for shaping agile supply chains” – has been part of the “PAICE” support program, designed to provide major impetus for digitization of industry, since 2016. The focus of the project is on development of a cyber-physical system that digitally records the quality data of car parts in the supply chain.

Overview about the project "SaSCh" (German only)

Press release on the SaSCh project

Drone support in logistics – BLG wins elogistics Tool Award 2017

Modify changing requirements through digitalization

One example is the use of drones to support operative processes such as inventories during the year as well as weekly shelf checks in the BLG logistics center in Emmerich. Goods in this block warehouse are constantly on the move. Previously, it was necessary to use a stacker to separate the cases and place the pallets on the floor. Then an employee would ride up in a lift truck to check a specific box. Now BLG has slashed the effort involved here with drone technology.

For its „Drone Assistance in Logistics“ solution, implemented jointly with the startup sitebots GmbH, BLG LOGISTICS won the elogistics Tool Award 2017, which is presented by AKJ Automotive.

Press release on the elogistics Tool Award 2017

Left to right: Prof. Dr. Klaus-J. Schmidt (AKJ Automotive), Lars Viet (BLG), Jakub Piotrowski (BLG), and Julian Bremer (BLG) during the award presentation ceremony in Saarbrücken.

Smart glove makes scanning unnecessary

Test, test, test – improve scanning processes

In two locations BLG LOGISTICS is also testing a smart glove with integrated control elements designed to improve picking. The smart glove is suitable for short-distance scanning and enables faster, more efficient picking. That's because it replaces conventional scanners. It also gives the wearer direct feedback about the parts selected in the form of vibration, acoustic, or visual LED signals.

Wireless monitoring of sensitive products

Especially for sensitive products such as electronic components and for monitoring goods transports, for example transport of raw components by rail, the use of a cloud-based sensor system for mobile and wireless monitoring is suitable.

It provides an early indication of damage during transport. A sensor attached to each transport unit constantly transmits data via browser, app, or alert about temperature, vibrations, or humidity. The sensor solution is easy to implement, especially because it doesn't need any special infrastructure.