Why freight quality tracking?

In view of the growing complexity of supply chains, your goods encounter numerous challenges en route from A to B.
These include diverse service providers, different means of transport and various countries. Problems, damage and delays can occur at any time. In many cases, such hazards are not detected until the last minute and cannot be attributed to a specific perpetrator, and the losses can run to billions of euros. Freight quality tracking is the solution developed by BLG LOGISTICS to avert these situations.


  • Predictability and prompt capacity planning
  • Early initiation of remedial action
  • Attribution and documentation of causes
  • Tracing of lost goods thanks to geodata
  • Route optimization and process improvements

The BLG service

With the aid of freight quality tracking (FQT), which is a sensor-based service, we monitor the entire supply chain on your behalf. You are kept informed not only about the location of your goods, but also about their condition. Have the goods moved? Or has the temperature increased? Knowledge of such matters enables you to forecast deliveries more accurately and, if necessary, initiate remedial action early.

  • Route visualization & geofencing
  • Sensor selection & distribution
  • Installation & pairing
  • Tracking & quality monitoring
  • Data analysis & alerting
  • Sensor removal & unpairing
  • Return of sensors

How it works

1. Smart devices are attached directly to the package or container, where they then record diverse quality data.


2. The data are transmitted to us for combining and analysis. The whole process is very fast.


3. Your access to the cloud-based platform enables you to view the data at any time. Other options include alerts, analyses, reports and live tracking.

What data can be monitored?

Quality data

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Shock exposure
  • Impact

Status data

  • Unscheduled opening of goods

Location data

  • Current position
  • Route history

Want to know more about freight quality tracking?

Head of Sustainability & Digitalization

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Head of Sustainability & Digitalization

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