BLG deploys ultra-modern washing technology in Eisenach

Since 2002, BLG’s Eisenach (Thuringia) facility has been washing a wide range of parts for the automotive industry – from small load carriers and deep-drawn parts to entire plastic pallets and covers. 

In 2015, BLG concluded a five-year contract with a major German automotive supplier, and proceeded to invest in leading-edge technology in Eisenach. The existing 13 meter long container cleaning line was rotated and a second system commissioned. New conveyor technology was additionally installed which feeds the pallets to the systems via a gravity roller track and then transports the individual parts to the packing station by means of a link belt conveyor. The cleaned products are transported to the transfer point by means of a fully automatic conveyor line which includes stretch wrapping machines and pallet doublers that stack the large load carriers. To meet the customer’s cleanliness standards, BLG additionally constructed a cleanroom around the two container cleaning lines. This enclosed space ensures the highest possible cleanliness.

A third washing system was installed outside the cleanroom. In addition to wet cleaning, this facility is also equipped with a dry cleaning system that uses ionized air. These systems are used to clean parts that do not need to meet the high requirements of the automotive supplier industry. With its cleaning lines, BLG can clean up to 40,000 parts per day, or 10 million parts per year. In this way, logistics expert BLG ensures the optimum flow of material between the Eisenach facility and the customer’s plant. With this new washing system, BLG has further expanded its service offerings for container cleaning for the automotive industry.