BLG Sports & Fashion Logistics receives sustainability award

Markus Buckow, Managing Director of BLG Sports & Fashion Logistics GmbH, received the official document.

Headquartered in Hörselgau, Thuringia, BLG Sports & Fashion Logistics GmbH received an award for its commitment to sustainability in Thuringia for the fourth time in succession at the end of last year. Georg Maier, undersecretary in the Thuringian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Science and Digital Society, presented the official document on the occasion of Thuringia’s Environment Day on December 1, 2015. The documents were presented to selected participants in the Thuringia Sustainability Agreement (NAT), which came into being in 2004. This is a voluntary agreement, in which 444 companies in the region now take part, between the Thuringian state government and Thuringia’s business and industry sector with the aim of improving the basic conditions for further economic development of the federal state, also in terms of sustainability. Since then, a network in the areas of politics, administration as well as business and industry has developed as a basis for communication, information and participation. The sustainability agreement brings partners and companies together in dealing with questions of sustainable management. All participants in the alliance have the same basic understanding with respect to sustainable development and the common intention of assuming responsibility for the coming generations.

In 2015 16 companies received an award for their exceptional commitment, among them BLG Sports & Fashion Logistics. The company convinced the jury primarily based on its energy saving program initiated in the same year. In particular, the measures geared to sustainability include:

  • Renewal and replacement of 8,000 lights and lamps
  • Replacement of all indoor fans
  • Renewal of the entire ventilation system
  • Replacement of tunnel finishers
  • Use of a combined heat and power plant
  • Connection of a building management system

Furthermore, BLG was able to convince the jury through its social commitment at the Hörselgau site, encompassing the company pension scheme, health-promoting measures, staff catering as well as covering the costs for further training programs and preparation for the integration of refugees.

Current participation in the sustainability agreement will end for us in May 2018. After that it has to reapply by demonstrating positive changes in terms of economic efficiency and sustainability as well as improvements in social commitment to employees.