Compliance at BLG

Price-fixing, corruption, conflicts of interest – these  words are cropping up more and more these days when it comes to the subject of compliance. Corporate wrong-doing often attracts broad attention. The resulting damage to a company’s image can be immense – regardless of whether or not the accusations are true. 

At BLG, compliance is a matter of top priority. Frank Dreeke serves not only as our CEO, but as our Chief Compliance Officer as well. BLG began implementing its compliance system in 2014 to ensure compliance with laws and internal regulations, and thus protect the Company and its employees from substantial legal penalties. Regular training of the Board and employees from compliance-sensitive areas ensures transparency, a heightened awareness for this issue and greater certainty in day-to-day operations. BLG has also appointed a dedicated compliance officer and issued a Code of Conduct and an anti-corruption guideline. An externally appointed ombudsman additionally offers employees the option of reporting compliance violations anonymously.     
The BLG Code of Conduct defines our standards and expectations with respect to our day-to-day dealings with each other and the actions of our employees and managers in accordance with legal requirements.  It is intended to serve as an orientation when acting in domestic and international business contexts and in our dealings with customers and suppliers. On the basis of these guidelines, BLG employees can determine at all times whether their behavior is proper or represents a compliance violation.