MTP project: Cooking for children

Our trainees Christine Brammer (left) and Stephanie Schultz (right) and the little cooks Jonte, Leandra, Alma and Anton (from left to right) with their self-made aprons.

On four dates in March and April the motto was: ready, steady, go with the cooking pots! In the first cookery session, Leandra (3), Anton (3), Alma (3) and Jonte (5) cooked along with trainees Christine Brammer (31) and Stephanie Schultz (26). Cooking together is part of a social project that was jointly planned by this year’s ten-strong MTP (management training program) group. With this activity, the up-and-coming executives aim to foster awareness of healthy and conscious nutrition. With this in mind, the MTP group got together with the children from the SOS children’s and family center in Bremen and cooked favorite recipes from their own childhood. For the first session, vegetable fritters with quark dip were on the menu, a favorite recipe from Christine Brammer’s childhood.

There was chopping, weighing, stirring and tasting. Already in advance, Christine Brammer and Stephanie Schultz had sewn aprons for the children from washing-up cloths and fitted them out with chef’s hats, so that they could feel just like professional cooks.

After the activity, a cookery book will be produced in which the MTP group will also present themselves and BLG. Every child will receive a copy of the book, and further copies will be donated to the SOS children’s and family center, so that children who are newcomers to the kindergarten will also be able to benefit from the project. 

The book will appear in the third quarter of this year and cost 7 euros per copy. If you are interested in the cookery book, please contact Christine Brammer ( or Stephanie Schultz (