First place in Energy Scout competition

BLG training manager Marvin Bear, DIHK project consultant Sophie Heimes, BLG mechatronics apprentices Arne Buck and Mustafa Göcer and BLG’s Energy Officer Lars Günthert (from left to right) at the presentation of the certificate of participation.

The mechatronics apprentices Eike Precht-Rümenapf, Timo Lipa, Arne Buck and Mustafa Göcer from Bremen succeeded in convincing the jurors in the Energy Scout competition and achieved first place. The competition was preceded by qualification workshops held at the Bremen Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The first seminar, organized at the beginning of May, provided the apprentices with basic knowledge on the subject of energy, from its generation to its consumption. The second seminar taught the young apprentices how to work with measuring devices and showed them where and how energy can best be saved. After qualifying, the mechatronics apprentices carried out their own project in the company with the support of BLG’s Energy Officer Lars Günthert and Training Manager Marvin Bear. The four apprentices searched for energy saving and optimization potential in the compressed air units which are required for the conveying systems and machinery in the high-bay warehouse and the surrounding halls.

At the concluding presentation at the Bremen/ Bremerhaven Chamber of Commerce, the four energy scouts carried conviction and achieved first place. The next step for the team will now be a trip to Berlin for the finals and thus to the awards for the best Energy Scout projects from all participating companies from Germany.