Oldie but goldie

The 1914 Stutz Bearcat roadster.

Something that is old for some is special for others. And sometimes so special that they take it everywhere with them. This was the case with a 1914 Stutz Bearcat roadster that made the journey to the US via Bremerhaven on the Independence II. The classic car belongs to a US soldier who was transferred from Italy back to the USA and didn’t want to travel without his roadster.

Transporting the “classy veteran” from Naples to Bremerhaven was carried out by truck while shipment from Bremerhaven to Baltimore took place via ro-ro vessel. Transport of this kind is not rare since the US Army has been regularly organizing the shipment of private vehicles belonging to its soldiers in the event of their transfer with the help of a civilian company since 1998. Before that shipment took place directly under the management of the US Army. As a subcontractor of this company, BLG LOGISTICS has been handling around 25,000 cars annually – total imported and exported vehicles – at the BLG AutoTerminal in Bremerhaven for several years now and transports approx. a fourth of the volume by truck through BLG Auto Transport.

For export vehicles we additionally offer a service package that includes receiving the vehicles at the AutoTerminal Bremerhaven, loading them onto the ship, inspection for damage, insertion of desiccant bags as well as manual washing with pressure washers according to US agricultural standards. The staff members assigned to cleaning are specially trained and certified by the customer since automatic cleaning is neither permitted nor possible.