Through the mountains with SPMTs

The SPMT teams had to overcome great challenges and repeatedly adjust the rotor blades according to the situation.

For BLG WindEnergy Logistics last year ended with a spectacular transport of components for onshore wind turbines in Romania. A total of 15 rotor blades and the same number of tower elements were taken to their destination, the Transylvanian village of Arieseni in the extreme northwest section of the country, on behalf of the company Felbermayr. The special logistics challenge here was that the new wind farm, for which the wind turbines made by Danish manufacturer had to be transported, is located in the Apuseni Mountains at an elevation of 900 to 1,100 meters! BLG was able to successfully carry out this transport in Romania thanks to its substantial know-how.

The only way available for transporting the components from the base camp at an elevation of 900 meters to the destination additionally had to be prepared with a base course of gravel. The winding road went over a summit that is 1,800 meters high. In addition, the snow that set in repeatedly played tricks on the teams and thus made the length of the project unforeseeable. However, BLG would not be BLG if it had let itself be impressed by that. Every day, therefore, the two assigned teams with five persons altogether looked forward to their work. And the job was really something: there were two SPMTs in operation that formed a convoy for each transport unit.

The SPMT with the tower led the way, followed by the SPMT that carried the rotor blade. The special feature of this transport was a rotor blade adapter in which the respective onshore component was mounted and which could be erected up to an angle of 60 degrees and turned 360 degrees depending on the wind direction. 

The operators of the large device in each SPMT team changed places along the 16.5 kilometer mountain route, which had to be covered on foot. “It was a question of the strain. The SPMT operators in the two teams carried the remote control, weighing 12 kilos, on their shoulders while the two other colleagues either acted as a traffic marshal during tower transport or were responsible for adapter control during rotor blade transport. Both duties were just as challenging as SPMT control in terms of concentration, but the colleagues didn’t carry a heavy weight on their shoulders. That’s why they changed assignments at a suitable place,” reports Matthias Witte, BLG Manager Operations.