Trucks with new look

Real eye-catchers: our new BLG trailers.

Seven new BLG trailers have been eye-catchers on Brandenburg’s and Saxony’s roads since recently. As part of a broad-based campaign, BLG has not only given a new look to brochures, advertisements and promotional material, but also to some truck trailers. The seven new vehicles will be covered by colorful tarpaulins that provide a special look into the inside of a truck. At the moment the trucks at the Ludwigsfelde site handle plant-based transport to our client Daimler and to suppliers in the surrounding area. The vehicles in Leipzig, which will soon include an additional campaign truck, serve as relocation transporters on the BMW plant grounds.

The extraordinary truck tarpaulins are part of our broad-based campaign that is primarily aimed at enhancing BLG’s visibility and corporate awareness by means of many appealing measures under the banner “Our word is our bond”. These measures not only extend to external communication, but also take place at our logistics sites. 

Thus pictures or wall tattoos were put up in the style of the colorful and conspicuous campaign or promotional material was handed out at the Retail Logistics sites in Hamburg and Hörselgau, Thuringia, as well as at the Industrial Logistics sites in Falkensee, Stuttgart and Leipzig. Gradually other Industrial and Retail Logistics sites will be transformed to the campaign look.