Conventional export of vehicles via Bremerhaven

What was absolutely run-of-the-mill in the past is today something special. Reefer vessels carrying fruit from South America cannot find any corresponding backhauling in Northern Europe and therefore seek alternatives. In the past, it was often automobiles, and that is again the case today.

In the middle of February at Columbus quay, the reefer STAR QUALITY from shipping company Great White Fleet had 180 German export vehicles conventionally loaded onto it by crane. The countries of destination were Columbia, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. The shipping company runs a weekly scheduled service to Bremerhaven and is expected to take vehicles back with it on every return journey. Up until the end of last year, this trade ran via Antwerp.

February 11, 2015
180 export vehicles are loaded onto the reefer vessel STAR QUALITY at the Columbus quay in Bremerhaven.