Delegation trip to Luxembourg

BLG’s CEO Frank Dreeke took part in a delegation trip to Luxembourg headed by Bremen’s Mayor Jens Böhrnsen at the end of February.

This included a visit to the Freight Village in Bettembourg and the company SES, which is responsible for supplying the satellite television network, especially in Europe. In addition, the delegation took advantage of the opportunity to meet high-ranking representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, its president and its managing directors and discussed possible cooperation, particularly with regard to logistics. A further event on the agenda was a Bremen reception at the German Embassy on Tuesday evening headed by Ambassador Christine Gläser, Mayor Jens Böhrnsen and State Councillor Dr. Heiner Heseler. This involved a meeting with high-ranking representatives of business and industry in Luxembourg. Another important part of the trip was an audience in the Grand Ducal Palace with Grand Duke Henri and a meeting with Luxembourg’s Minister for the Economy and Foreign Trade Etienne Schneider, including dinner. In short, the trip can be regarded as very productive and successful and further talks will take place, both with the Ministry for the Economy and Foreign Trade and the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg, to discuss possible cooperation in the various areas.

March 6, 2015