BLG Retail Logistics receives Lean and Green Award

Yesterday BLG Retail Logistics was one of four companies to receive the Lean and Green Award at the 21st Retail Logistics Conference in Cologne. The award documents holistic logistics optimization with ecological value added.

The Lean and Green concept comes from the Netherlands and has already been successfully implemented by over 300 companies there. The Lean and Green initiative can also be found in France, Belgium, Italy and other EU countries. In Germany companies have received distinction for their achievements in reducing CO2 emissions in the form of the Lean and Green Award since 2013. It is left to the individual companies to decide on how they achieve the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in logistics processes by 20 percent within five years. The resulting action plan is examined for its feasibility by TÜV Nord.

Electricity, energy source with biggest leverage

BLG Retail Logistics is one of the first German logistics providers to take part in GS1 Germany’s Non-for-Profit Initiative. In this framework BLG Retail Logistics has recorded and measured all logistics activities and indicated measures for reducing CO2 emissions. In the course of these efforts, electricity turned out to be the source of energy with the biggest leverage for CO2 reduction. The measures geared to power generation have a significant impact in this context since it accounts for three quarters of the total CO2 emissions. However, natural gas and diesel fuel are other energy sources offering opportunities for reduction. The action plan developed by BLG Retail Logistics focuses precisely on these aspects. By sensitizing the employees in the form of information and further training, among other things, it is possible to substantially reduce emissions not only as far as electricity is concerned, but also in other areas. Retrofitting LED equipment and using holistically intelligent lighting control in logistics buildings have a positive impact here, too. Moreover, an energy management system, adjustment of the heating and refrigeration equipment as well as efficient drive technology contribute to achievement of the goal.

The specific actions were developed on the basis of Lean and Green criteria in 2014, then submitted to GS1 Germany as an action plan and subsequently checked by TÜV Nord. The check showed that the climate protection targets set by BLG Retail Logistics are realistic and feasible. As of now, GS1 Germany conducts regular monitoring of the emission figures to document target achievement status. If the greenhouse emissions are reduced by a fifth as planned in the next five years, BLG Retail Logistics will be awarded the Lean and Green Star by GS1 Germany.

March 18, 2015