“e-logistics award 2015” for BLG LOGISTICS

Together with GRENZEBACH, BLG received the “e-logistics award” from the AKJ Automotive jury in the framework of the 30th International Automobile Congress in Saarbrücken yesterday. The award recognizes BLG’s logistics concept at its Frankfurt site, which is unique to date, as well as GRENZEBACH’s “G-Com” solution.

On 4,500 square meters of floor space in Frankfurt BLG handles returns for a client in the workwear sector and for that purpose uses the highly dynamic and scalable “G-Com” warehousing and order picking system developed by GRENZEBACH Automation GmbH – as the first company in Europe. The application of G-Com has revolutionized intralogistics at the Frankfurt logistics center. Whereas in the case of conventional warehousing and order picking at logistics centers the employees walk or drive to the rack, put together the requested assortment of goods on a transportable system and deliver them to the packing station, the people in Frankfurt no longer go to the goods, the goods come to the people.

The modular robot-aided G-Com system not only enables response to the diverse customer requirements at short notice. By means of this technical innovation, BLG can offer its staff fixed, ergonomically designed workstations as well as support and reduced strain in different ways. Unproductive activities like searches or covering long distances are minimized. In the view of the AKJ Automotive jury, BLG’s logistics concept in Frankfurt thus meets the defined criteria for outstanding initiatives and projects in e-logistics. They include degree of innovation, acceleration of the process chain, added value for the partners involved, simplicity in use and degree of integration.

The e-logistics award was conferred by AKJ Automotive for the 16th time this year. AKJ Automotive is a group of experts and executives from the automotive industry and sees itself as a platform for exchanging information among manufacturers, suppliers and service providers. The aim of the working group is to jointly further develop concepts and solutions for optimization of processes and structures in the automotive and supplier industry.

April 16, 2015
Julius Krahl (center), Project Manager for G-Com at BLG and Enrico Freitag (2nd from right), Director in the Sales, IT and Technology department of BLG Retail Logistics, together with Christoph Kuntz (2nd from left), Director of Sales at GRENZEBACH, received the elogistics award from State Secretary Jürgen Barke (l.) and Prof. Dr. Klaus-J. Schmidt (r.). Photo: © Carsten Simon