BLG in 3D at the transport logistic

BLG LOGISTICS will present the company at a booth measuring 250 square meters when the gates on the Messe München grounds open for the transport logistic on May 5, 2015. This year the trade fair will focus on contract logistics, one of BLG’s three divisions that also comprise automobile and container logistics.

At booth 213 in Hall B4 fair visitors will be able to explore a miniature BLG world in 3D at the push of a button. On LED screens nine short films will depict the complete logistics system services that BLG has to offer in the automotive, AutoRail, wind energy, break bulk, container, machines and equipment as well as consumer goods sectors. The BLG fair booth has an entirely new look. After all, the transport logistic trade fair marks the launch of the communication campaign “Our word is our bond”, with which BLG will highlight its CONTRACT Division. The campaign also includes a microsite (accessible at as of May 4), where, for example, an entertaining film spot explains what logistics and barbecuing have in common. The microsite and BLG’s new website are accessible via touch panels at the trade fair booth.

BLG has been undergoing constant development in contract logistics for years now. One of the most recent locations in this segment is the Frankfurt Logistics Center. Among other things, BLG handles the returns for a client in the workwear sector there, using, as the first company in Europe, one of the most modern warehousing and order picking systems in the world. “G-Com” is the name of the highly dynamic and scalable warehousing and order picking system developed by GRENZEBACH Automation GmbH. In April BLG and GRENZEBACH received AKJ Automotive’s “e-logistics award 2015” for the robot-aided intralogistics concept in Frankfurt. BLG will also display a red transport vehicle called “Carry” at its fair booth in Munich. A film sequence shows how G-Com works in practice.

As in Frankfurt, the corporate group is also investing in its other business segments. At the AutoTerminal in Bremerhaven, for instance, BLG is building a new parking deck that offers over 6,000 additional spaces for cars. Overall, the company headquartered in Bremen has developed into a constantly growing logistics provider with global operations in the past years. Today the BLG Group boasts around 16,000 employees at over 100 locations in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

Board members, managing directors and representatives from all divisions will be present in Munich and present BLG’s portfolio.

April 27, 2015
At booth 213 in Hall B4 fair visitors will be able to explore a miniature BLG world in 3D.