BLG supports logistics network in South Korea

BLG CEO Frank Dreeke and Board member Michael Blach met the publisher and editor-in-chief of the Korean magazine Korea Shippers Journal on the occasion of a visit to South Korea. In an interview they talked about BLG’s business relations to shipping company customers in the AUTOMOBILE segment and current business with Korean service provider Hyundai Glovis, headquartered in Seoul.

The people taking part in the interview also took advantage of their meeting to come to an understanding on building up the so-called “Representative Seoul” of Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL). BVL had initiated this representative in the course of this year’s International Supply Chain Conference in Berlin so as to boost development of the logistics network in South Korea. In future the representative of the BLG Group in Korea, Kun-Young Jung, will push forward its establishment on site jointly with the publisher of the Korea Shippers Journal, Won-Gyung Kook, and the editor-in-chief, Young-Il Han.

December, 1 2015
Met for an interview in Seoul: (from left) Frank Dreeke, Won-Gyung Kook, Michael Blach and Young-Il Han.