BLG trainee fashions Trabant for Haus des Handwerks

25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, motor vehicle guild, BLG – these are the thematic elements symbolized by half of the body of a Trabant 601 that was mounted on a wall at the Vocational Training and Technology Center (BTZ) at Haus des Handwerks in Bremerhaven a few days ago. Michelle Bach prepared and fashioned the classic car. The 18-year-old is in her third training year as automotive painter at BLG AutoTec GmbH & Co. KG in Bremerhaven.

The plastic body of a Trabant (or Trabi for short) has been in the possession of BTZ since the 1990s. The vehicle was split in the middle because the paint shop used one half for training purposes and subsequently mounted it on a wall as an exhibit. Haus des Handwerks, which offers industry-wide courses for trainees in the region, among other things, has now managed to get BLG’s technical automobile center on board for the purpose of renewed restoration and creative design. Michelle Bach took over as head of the project. In the first step she talked the ideas and requests over with BTZ, then she presented the project to her vocational school class, developed several designs for the plastic skin and discussed them with her trainer Hans-Günter Klein, the AutoTec management and finally BTZ. After that she got down to work, occasionally on a full-time basis, in fashioning the Trabi with great love to detail.

When handing over the result of her work at Haus des Handwerks, Michelle Bach said: “This project involved a lot of time and manual work. For instance, I drew the small Trabi breaking through the Berlin Wall, the graffiti and the barbed wire by hand.” BTZ Managing Director Josef Solscheid and Honorary District Master Craftsman Artur Böhlken agreed: “We are delighted about this colorful exhibit in front of our automotive repair shop and the successful cooperation between Haus des Handwerks and local industry.”

fter the unveiling of the Trabi: Michelle Bach, trainee at BLG AutoTec, her trainer Hans-Günter Klein (left) as well as the initiator of the project, Wolfgang Hartrampf from Haus des Handwerks (2nd from right), and Honorary District Master Craftsman Artur Böhlken.