Most important and largest deployment exercise of the Bundeswehr on ABC Peninsula in Bremerhaven

BLG LOGISTICS is providing the ABC Peninsula in Bremerhaven as the site for the first large-scale exercise conducted by the Joint Support Service, entitled “JOINT DERBY 2016”, from April 10 to 21. During this exercise over 2,000 soldiers from twelve nations will practice strategic deployment of personnel, material and vehicles.

In addition to strengthening logistics skills, the focus of the exercise is on expanding international cooperation. The BLG grounds, equipped with office containers, sanitary facilities and security staff, will serve as a training site for unloading “DFDS SEAWAYS” ro-ro vessels during the large-scale exercise. Altogether, around 450 combat vehicles and numerous equipment items will be discharged by the Bundeswehr (German Army) in Bremerhaven. BLG is also providing support in unloading some containers.

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