BLG Logistics Automobile SPb and LLC Fenix “Port Bronka” to sign long lasting cooperation agreement

The German automobile logistics provider BLG Logistics and LLC Fenix, owner and operator of Port Bronka, signed a long lasting cooperation agreement for the handling of automobiles via the Port of Bronka.

Starting with a terminal capacity of 6.000 units, BLG will move their terminal activities in Russia from the City Port in St. Petersburg to the newly build Port Bronka at Lomonossov District, which is also a part of the “Big Port of St. Petersburg”.

The state of the art terminal at Port Bronka was opened in December 2015 at a total area of approximately 120 hectare.

With a direct connection to the ring road and six berths for sea going vessels as well as a direct rail connection at the terminal, Port Bronka offers ideal conditions for the import and export of automobiles and other kinds of RoRo cargo. The joint activities of BLG and Fenix are initially based on automobiles of Volkswagen Group Russia, which recently nominated BLG for port handling services in Bronka.

BLG and Fenix agreed upon starting the automobile business at a 12 hectare area and 25 truck loading / unloading bays and to consequently develop the scope of service offered at Port Bronka.

With start of the operation BLG will also increase the number of employees and will hire new employees mainly from Lomonossov District.

From left to right: Andreas Heines, Director Sales BLG Russia, Uwe Seliger, Managing Director of BLG AUTOMOBILE, Alexey Shukletsov, Executive Director Fenix and Stefan Wilkens, Deputy General Director Fenix

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