BLG contributes to road safety

BLG LOGISTICS is contributing to road safety by attaching safety notices to some 500 semitrailers in its fleet. The large stickers on the rear of the trucks instruct other drivers to form a rescue corridor in traffic jams.

BLG is one of the first companies to set an example and encourage more safety in this way. Its drivers also take part in regular training courses that highlight the statutory regulations about responsible behavior in traffic jams on freeways and multi-lane highways.

Although the formation of a rescue corridor has long been anchored in the German road traffic regulations, drivers often fail to leave a completely free gap. Many drivers don’t know how to act correctly in an emergency and where to form the rescue corridor. As a daily user of the freeway network, BLG LOGISTICS has a strong interest in ensuring its truck drivers act responsibly and set an example on the road. That is why the rapid formation of a rescue corridor is a key topic at this year's driver meetings. 

Lars Kück, Head of Land Transport in Freight Forwarding Services, says: "Road safety is important to us, and we want to make a contribution. One factor is making sure rescue services get to accident victims quickly. That's why it's crucial all drivers are aware of this and make room straight away."

The stickers on the rear of the BLG trailers remind drivers behind to form a rescue corridor in traffic jams.

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