Award: BLG wins elogistics Tool Award 2017

BLG LOGISTICS is the winner of the elogistics Tool Award 2017. The prize was presented by AKJ Automotive on 5 April in Saarbrücken. BLG received the commendation for its new "Drone Support in Logistics" solution, implemented together with the startup sitebots GmbH. Jakub Piotrowski (Head of Business Development Contract BLG LOGISTICS), Julian Bremer (Head of DC Emmerich BLG Handelslogistik), and Lars Viet (Head of Sales BLG Industrielogistik) accepted the award during the 32nd annual congress of AKJ Automotive.

With this award, the AKJ Automotive working group primarily distinguishes innovative practical projects that effectively combine logistics and data processing. Together with service provider sitebots GmbH and applying the latest technology, BLG LOGISTICS succeeded in integrating drones in its operative processes. 

At the BLG location in Emmerich, the company uses the pilot-free mini flying devices to support various processes. Included here are regular inventories of the block warehouse, weekly shelf checking, and building surveillance. Drones enable faster and more flexible inventory-taking in areas of the 80,000 m² BLG warehouse which are not easily accessible. At the Emmerich location, four employees steer the unmanned drones. BLG LOGISTICS arranged special training so that they can safely maneuver the sensitive flying devices. 

The jury explained: "The reason we picked out this project was because of its innovative quality, practical usefulness, and added value for the user." The AKJ Automotive working group examines strategies and solutions for transformation and optimization of core processes and delivery relationships in the automotive and supplier industry.

Left to right: Prof. Dr. Klaus-J. Schmidt (AKJ Automotive), Lars Viet (BLG), Jakub Piotrowski (BLG), and Julian Bremer (BLG) during the award presentation ceremony in Saarbrücken.

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