BLG Welcomes Normed Line to Neustadt Harbor

Since mid-April, ships of the Normed Line have been calling at Bremen’s Neustadt Harbor. At the Terminal in Neustadt Harbor operated by BLG Cargo Logistics GmbH, they load double-deck coaches weighing up to 70 tones each, manufactured by Bombardier Transportation GmbH in Görlitz. A total of 60 coaches will be delivered by rail to Bremen in the coming months; from there they will be shipped to Ashdod, Israel, in multiple contingents. The shipping agent COLI Schiffahrt & Transport Bremen GmbH is responsible for shipment.

The multi-purpose freighter “Normed Antwerpen” weighed anchor for the eastern Mediterranean with the first contingent in mid-April, followed by the “Norjan” at the beginning of May. These ships offer not only Bombardier Transportation service to the eastern Mediterranean; their port calls also offer forwarding agents and industrial customers interesting shipping options from Neustadt Harbor.

This is not the first time that Bombardier, COLI and BLG have worked together. Numerous double-deck coaches have been shipped to Israel in recent years, where they are used for regional public transportation. The positive experience gained by all parties from previous shipping jobs was reason enough to choose Neustadt Harbor for this project as well. 

On the journey from Bremen to Ashdod, Normed offers further harbors en route as needed, for instance Alexandria, Egypt or Turkish Mediterranean ports. This shipping line specializes in general and heavy cargo and steel products.

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