BLG LOGISTICS takes on new business for Siemens

As of April, BLG LOGISTICS in Berlin took over the inbound logistics for the gas turbine manufacturing plant of its customer Siemens. The logistics expert began performing initial individual services for this customer last October.

BLG LOGISTICS operates an upstream consolidation center at its customer’s plant that concentrates all materials and precursor products from the various suppliers. BLG then assembles the delivered parts according to customer orders and assumes in-plant transportation and distribution of the materials to the assembly locations of the Siemens facility. Starting in March 2018, BLG will supply the plant from a new logistics center, which will comprise a total of 22,000 square meters, adjacent to the existing operation in Falkensee.

“We’re extremely pleased that we were able to win the plant logistics business for Siemens gas turbines,” declared Dirk Bütow, Director Sales BLG Industrielogistik, in his response to this development. “As a specialist for sophisticated logistics services in the machinery and plant equipment sector, we are not only once more demonstrating our competence, but have also sustainably strengthened the Berlin-Brandenburg location for the coming years. I’m optimistic that we’ll be able to continue this positive trend in other regions in the years to come.” 

BLG has been serving its customer Siemens since 2000, and is currently performing logistics services for multiple divisions at many different sites. The new business in Berlin is a further milestone in the long-standing partnership between Siemens and BLG LOGISTICS.

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