BLG celebrates anniversary in Erfurt

At its Erfurt location, BLG LOGISTICS has been supplying services to IKEA since 1997. Having grown to a total floor space of 478,000 square meters, the Distribution Center Erfurt (DC Erfurt) offers the capacity for some 360,000 pallets. Goods are stored in 13 conventional warehouses plus one fully automated and two semi-automated high-rack warehouses. This makes the Distribution Center among the largest warehouse locations in IKEA's global distribution network.

After signing the contract with IKEA in 1996, BLG LOGISTICS started operations in the DC Erfurt on April 1, 1997. Initially, 30 employees worked on an area of 80,000 square meters. Since then, the facility has grown steadily and was expanded in three construction phases. Today up to 350 employees work in the logistics center in Erfurt at peak times.

Thomas Winkelmann, Location Manager at the DC Erfurt, explains: "I'm delighted that we've been successfully operating the Erfurt logistics center for IKEA for 20 years. From here, we supply all 52 German furniture stores as well as four logistics units. Naturally we're proud of the fact that IKEA has been relying on BLG LOGISTICS expertise ever since we opened."

To mark the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the location, BLG LOGISTICS has invited all its employees to a special celebration.

The Distribution Center Erfurt offers the capacity for some 360,000 pallets

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