Cargo handling logistics

We are also a competent and reliable partner in the area of cargo handling logistics, making sure that the different products and goods leave one location to arrive at the next safely and efficiently and that they are always placed on the means of transport most appropriate for them. In the context of cargo handling logistics, the areas of terminal logistics, "High & Heavy" project cargos, sea shipping administration, and stevedoring and lashing form the fundamental pillars of the range of services provided by BLG.

From the European network for automobile logistics to loading and securing "on board"

With our extensive network of seaport and inland terminals and our high levels of expertise in the planning, setup, and operation of new terminal sites (e.g. the offshore terminal ABC-Halbinsel) as well as all other relevant services in this area, we are your full-service contact for services in the area of cargo handling logistics.

BLG's terminal network is composed of more than 20 international sites – terminals on the sea, on rivers, and inland. It includes Neustädter Hafen, Europe's largest terminal for conventional cargo. The terminals offer a great number of industry-specific technical services for various industries.

Professional handling of heavy cargo is no problem for us. We can also provide you with expert support for your heavy load transport – from the organization and handling of the on-carriage to the terminals as well as the off-carriage from the terminals, through to assembly and disassembly work before and after transport. We keep your requirements in sight at all times.

We can look after all of the important tasks in the area of sea shipping administration on request. We would also be glad to be your partner for consulting and planning of lashing concepts as well as the operational implementation of these concepts.

Our services at a glance:

  • European network for automobile logistics (terminals on the sea, on large rivers, and inland)
  • Setup, organization, and operation of terminals
  • Technical services
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Break bulk: global shipping following flexible storage
  • Machinery and equipment – High & Heavy
  • On-carriage and off-carriage
  • Worldwide car shipping and transports
  • Loading and securing "on board": stevedoring and lashing


Our services within cargo handling logistics

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Germany's biggest operator of container terminals

The joint enterprise EUROGATE provides a European network, currently with eleven container terminals, intermodal transportation and cargo modal services. 

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