Locations of the European car terminal network

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Finished vehicle logistics throughout Europe

BLG LOGISTICS is the leading automobile logistics company in Europe and has a network of terminals. The coastal seaport terminals in particular serve as hubs for overseas exports to China, the USA, Russia and Scandinavia.

As ports of entry, they also offer a complete range of services for the European market. With more than two million vehicles per year, Bremerhaven is Europe's largest seaport terminal.

The terminals in Germany, Poland and Ukraine constitute crucial links in the logistics chain from the production site to the customer, and hold the key to smooth distribution. To facilitate intermodal transportation, they are interconnected by road, rail and inland waterway services.

Workshop services for new and used automobiles

The terminals offer a variety of technical services. These include PDI (pre-delivery inspection), washing and removal of the transport protective film, quality control, interior cleaning, fitting of optional equipment or accessories (e.g. leather upholstery, air conditioning systems, navigation systems), technical modifications (even conversion to liquefied petroleum gas, or the application of underbody protective coating, for example), as well as handling individual customer requests or special editions (e.g. special painting).

We also offer vehicle valuation, fleet preparation and rental preparation, and marketing preparation for vehicles (e.g. photo shoots, vehicle auctions).         

Worldwide car shipping and vehicle transports

For your worldwide car shipping and transports, we can draw up the necessary transport documents for you, plan the shipping space, and take care of all the freight forwarding administration for imports and exports. You can rely on us to make sure of adherence to each delivery date. We cater to each of your requests as our customer and provide you with relevant individual advice when it comes to arranging your transport.

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