Discover our break bulk terminal in Bremen

Neustädter Hafen in Bremen handles cargoes with unit weights of more than 200 t with mobile harbor cranes, and transports them within the terminal by way of a translifter. The port facility offers about 450,000 square meters of outdoor storage and operational space as well as a covered warehousing area of around 240,000 square meters. The goods handled by the port encompass practically every conceivable item in the following categories:

  • Steel products (tubes, coils, sheet, slabs, girders etc.)
  • Forestry products (paper, pulp, lumber and timbers etc.)
  • Plant / machinery (general and heavy cargo, rolling stock and road vehicles etc.)

Europe's largest terminal for conventional cargo

Neustädter Hafen in Bremen is Europe's largest terminal for conventional cargo. The terminal has a quay length of 2.1 km and is well equipped to handle practically any type of conventional cargo:

  • Roofed storage space: 210.000 m²
  • of this, LME-certified roofed storage space: 28.000 m²
  • Open storage space: 450.000 m²
  • Crane capacities: up to 600 tons
  • Forklift trucks: up to 52 tons
  • Reach stackers: varies
  • Ro-ro ramps: up to 100 tons
  • Railroad trackage: 18km

LME Warehouse / opening hours

Our Warehouse opening hours are Monday through Friday, 06:30am – 4:00pm. For any other detailed inquiries regarding scheduling and handling delivery slots please contact Ms. Marlen Faber.


Heavy cargoes assembled at the waterside

Neustädter Hafen in Bremen can make assembly space available directly alongside deep water berths. Mechanical support is provided by fork lift trucks, reach stackers, self-propelled modular transporters and mobile harbor cranes with a capacity of more than 200 t. On request we can also supply conventional mobile cranes, elevated platforms and scaffolding.

Freight handling logistics optimized by precarriage and onward carriage

We offer expert support services for large and heavy cargoes and pre-transport assembly and post-transport dismantling operations. On your behalf we can also develop and deliver customized transport solutions – together with covered storage facilities if required.

We would be happy to advise you personally!

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