Customized storage to meet our customers' requirements

Based on the specific requirements of the products, the business volume, and the prevailing general conditions, our interdisciplinary project teams from operations, IT, and technology work out a storage concept that is tailored to meet the requirements. They may call any of the current solutions into action, from "low-tech" to "high-tech":

  • Shelving racks and flow racking
  • Pallets and drive-through racks
  • Block storage (palletized and non-palletized)
  • Fully automated high-bay racking for cartons and pallets

BLG high-bay warehouse

In Bremen, we handle the supply of branches and regional distribution centers as well as the picking for the online business of a consumer goods retailer. Our state-of-the-art logistics complex contains the largest high-bay warehouse in Europe, three high-bay warehouse blocks and three multi-function halls connected by materials handling equipment.

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Warehouse organization and warehouse systems are half the battle

Besides having suitable types of storage, the warehouse organization is another critical factor in efficient logistics. The interaction and the management of the merchandising system used and the technology are crucial, as well as the optimal deployment of employees. In our control center, we monitor all warehouse systems with the aid of IT, organize replenishment control, and optimize the placement of the goods. With all relevant IT systems connected via standardized or individual interfaces, we ensure a transparent data flow along the entire process chain.

Challenges inspire us. The demands on the logistics service provider are different for every warehouse, depending on the statutory provisions and the customer requirements. We meet the specific challenges in each case and develop sustainable solutions that have no expiration date.

Our services at a glance:

  • Storage and handling of temperature-controlled goods
  • Storage of hazardous goods
  • Security concepts for goods at particular risk of theft
  • Certifications (IFS, etc.) and customer-specific quality audits

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