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At its site in Bremerhaven, with a capacity of 27,000 Euro-pallets, Kloosterboer BLG Coldstore operates the largest industrial cold store for the storage and handling of frozen food and pet food. The cold store is approved for

  • Intra-Community trade in meat and fish products, vet. control no.: DE-HB-01049-EG
  • Repacking and labeling of packaged food of animal origin, vet. control no.: DE-HB-01049-EG
  • Storage of goods of animal origin from third countries that do not meet the requirements laid down in Community law, vet. control no.: DE-HB-II-1
  • Storage of organic products in accordance with eco-control regulations
  • Storage of animal by-products (DE 04 012 0010 03)

You can rely on top-quality logistics from us; proven by our IFS and QS certifications. The efficient energy management we prove again and again according to DIN ISO 50001. The storage according to MSC criteria is covered as well as the hygiene guidelines according to HACCP.

Inventory control

Review your inventory and the latest changes.

Locational advantage of the cold store in Bremerhaven

  • Site right at the container terminal
  • Storage in free port (bonded area)
  • Veterinary border inspection post on site
  • Official inspection of plants on site
  • Customs authorities on site or in the immediate vicinity



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