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The global supply of assembly lines with components is a core competence of BLG LOGISTICS in the area of production supply. For the current supply strategies Completely Knocked Down (CKD) and Semi Knocked Down (SKD), we provide tailor-made logistics services.

In the CKD area, the parts from the individual deliveries of suppliers and manufacturers are combined, packed as a complete kit, and delivered to the overseas assembly plant.

In SKD supply, BLG LOGISTICS takes care of the technical disassembly, the separate packing of the assembly kits, and the shipping via truck, railroad, or ship.

Packaging planning, requirements planning for the packaging material, picking, cross-docking handling, and containerization round out our service profile.

Sequencing and building of trays

When it comes to sequencing, we work closely with our customers, focusing on their individual requirements. Parts for product-specific trays are picked and sequenced.

The components are delivered to the assembly line, synchronized to arrive just in time for production. In order to ensure process reliability,, BLG LOGISTICS operates automated small parts warehouses if required and integrates handling equipment for large component sequencing.

Production supply

BLG LOGISTICS takes care of the complex logistics processes in production supply. Individual parts, large components, and modules are delivered to the doorway of your plant or to the locations where they will be used in your production lines. Working closely with you, we plan customized tugger train concepts and look after internal transportation for you. In order to ensure a continual supply to your production, we look after your supermarket supply and can provide shuttle transport that is synchronized to be just in time for production. BLG LOGISTICS is concerned with keeping stocks as low as possible and being able to react flexibly to changes in the quantities required. Therefore, we focus specifically on the e-kanban method for our customers, and our management of the supply processes is geared to the particular usage at the place of supply and the place of use.

Production preparation

BLG LOGISTICS can take charge of specific preparations to prepare your goods for production. Always deploying specialists, we carry out value-adding tasks for you. These could include, for example, wiring of electronic components or the installation of individual software packages. For rail vehicle construction, profiles are cut to individual lengths as specified in the production order and surfaces are cleaned using state-of-the-art laser technology. Moreover, components of up to 28 meters long are rotated and turned to the position required for production.

In the food industry, our service portfolio includes the guarantee that the correct quantities are available at the right time. We take care of the direct supply to the production lines. 

We also take care of the procurement of suitable equipment and machinery in consultation with our customer so that the goods can be optimally prepared for production.

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