Recycling management: Professional, sustainable, eco-friendly

Resource-efficient recycling and disposal

Along the entire logistics chain, production or consumption residues are regularly generated that have to be recycled or properly removed at the end of their useful life. This mainly involves packaging, packaging materials, empties, returns, or goods and materials that can no longer be used. We check these goods and materials, clean or repair them where possible, and pass on defective goods or materials to be disposed of correctly. Sustainability, resource-efficiency, and eco-friendly processes are important criteria for us along the logistics chain.

Our recycling management plans and controls the recycling and disposal processes for waste materials, stocks of obsolete finished products, recyclable materials, and loading equipment such as packaging, pallets, and containers. We collect, separate, and sort the materials and ensure that recyclable materials are returned into the recycling process. Here, we use channel baling presses for paper, cardboard and cartons, and vacuum pressing equipment for plastic waste.

Our services at a glance: 

  • Checking of production residues
  • Repair and cleaning of the residues, where appropriate
  • Correct and eco-friendly disposal of defective goods/materials
  • Return of recyclable materials into the recycling process

BLG sustainability report 2013

Moving sustainably

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