Supply chain management

Supply chain management for us means an efficient structure and appropriate management of integrated logistics chains throughout the entire value-adding process. We work according to a production system that focuses on lean management. Defined standards are observed and these optimize our processes. We divide supply chain management into five relevant areas – project management, process management, technology, IT, and quality. The systems are accompanied by comprehensive environmental management. 

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Complex information chains and automated movement of goods require interdisciplinary expertise. In addition to our operational excellence, other essential characteristics of our service are our proficiency and our experience in the areas of technology and IT as well as integrated process and project management. Therefore, we can provide the following services:

  • Logistics planning 
  • Experience in roll-outs and ramp-up phases
  • Process transparency, process monitoring, and process optimization
  • Support through appropriate IT solutions
  • Integration of technology
  • Tried and tested quality and environmental management systems

Our services within supply chain management

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