Ro-ro high and heavy logistics

The ro-ro terminal can provide a wide range of services related to high and heavy cargo. The core business of the high and heavy area is the handling and interim storage of all types of self-propelled or rollable units such as trucks, trailers, tractors, or construction machinery. Other fields of activity are the loading and unloading of trucks and rail cars, MAFI trailers, barges, and coasters. As well as pure handling, the high and heavy division offers a variety of other specialized services such as washing of equipment, preservation measures, painting and assembly work, and seaworthy packaging.

Break bulk logistics

No cargo is too big, too heavy, or too bulky for our heavy cargo specialists. We can work with iron, steel, pipes, timber products of any kind, machinery, plant components, project cargo, and road or rail vehicles, for example. Specially trained employees and efficient special equipment provide for high productivity levels and quality standards. At our Bremen site in particular, there is sufficient covered warehouse and outdoor storage space to handle and store large volumes of products of all kinds, consolidate flows of goods, and pack goods so that they are seaworthy. If your heavy cargo is too large and heavy for road transport, we can provide assembly areas right by the deep water for the sea-going vessels.

Onshore/offshore logistics

Especially for the transport of equipment for the onshore and offshore wind industry, we use purpose-built vehicles, build special constructions, do the transport and load-securing calculations, and plan the transport routes. Our engineering team not only develops customer-oriented solutions tailored to requirements but also focuses on standardization.

Special solutions:

  • "Sleeper" storage and transport system. This tool effectively distributes loads of up to 1,000 tons into the ground and enables flexible handling.
  • Mobile weighing system. Location-independent weighing of large components up to a total weight of 4,800 tons with an accuracy of +- 0.5%
  • Special pontoon Offshore BHV 1. Fast changeover to different loading arrangements at short notice. An effective ballast system ensures that loading and unloading of rolling cargo is fast, cost-efficient, and is not dependent on the tides.
  • Self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT): Use of so-called modular transporters to move heavy components.

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