Vehicle transporters, Barges and Rail cars

At the same time we not only have an expansive logistics network for reliable and rapid transport of the vehicles, but also offer large storage capacities and extensive technical services for leasing companies, fleet companies or dealers.

Cars move the world. We move the cars.

With over 7.4 million vehicles transported BLG LOGISTICS is the leading automobile transporter in Europe. Our range of services: intermodal shipments and freight forwarding, port and terminal cargo handling as well as worldwide automobile logistics.

We ensure reliable car transport – nationally and internationally

Worldwide automobile shipments with the heart in Germany

Nationally and internationally, our state-of-the-art truck fleet, with 500 vehicle transporters, assures transport from the manufacturers directly to the dealers. The trucks also network the auto terminals with the plants and ensure an unbroken logistics chain.

On the river Rhine and the Danube, we operate a total of eight barges for the transport of vehicles, and these constitute a part of the BLG network via the link to our own auto terminals. Since we are concerned with interacting responsibly with the environment, shifting road haulage to the water or the railroad is an important element of sustainable logistics at BLG LOGISTICS.

Having 1,275 of our own state-of-the-art double-deck rail cars with whisper brakes, BLG AutoRail is one of the leading providers in Europe.

Whether consolidated shipment or individual transport – with our worldwide automobile logistics we always supply perfectly customized solutions for the individual requirements of our customers.

Supplementary value added services for complete vehicle logistics

We offer you a great number of additional services covering all automobile needs: vehicle-oriented processing, car wash, paintwork, smart repair, finishing and retrofitting finished vehicles, equipping special models, such as vehicles for craftspersons, and applications.

Not only from the outside, but also from the inside BLG LOGISTICS offers valuable additional services, from professional interior cleaning and installation of an auxiliary heater all the way to custom modifications and installation of built-in components. Technical work, such as PDI, modification, tires, wheels, rims and inspections, rounds off our range of car logistics services. You will find more about our value added services for vehicle logistics here!

Car logistics management in real time with modern IT solutions

We offer our customers comprehensive planning and scheduling, transparent order management, an overview of the vehicle status, digital schedule monitoring as well as tracking and tracing.

Automobile storage

Based on our numerous inland and port terminals, we offer individual and perfectly customized solutions for temporary storage all over Europe. In Germany we have over 13 locations and a storage capacity of up to 500,000 units. Learn more about our terminal logistics.

Autoterminal Bremerhaven is the largest port terminal in the network and, with 2.2 million vehicles per year, also one of the largest automobile ports in the world. Find our Automobile sites at a glance here: Autoterminals in Europa.

Worldwide car shipping and transports

For your worldwide car shipping and transports, we can draw up the necessary transport documents for you, plan the shipping space, and take care of all the freight forwarding administration for imports and exports. You can rely on us to make sure of adherence to each delivery date. We cater to each of your requests as our customer and provide you with relevant individual advice when it comes to arranging your transport. Learn more about our sea shipping administration here!

Transport for private customers

We also transport vehicles by road, rail, and water for private customers and individuals. Just contact us – we have a complex network of branches and agents in Europe and overseas.

We would be glad to advise you personally!

International vehicle transport

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International vehicle transport

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National vehicle transport

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National vehicle transport

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