Cleaning of machinery and equipment

Material surface cleaning using laser equipment

Top-quality equipment and machinery stands out due to its exquisite finish and pristine surfaces, which are often high-gloss. Before follow-on processing, therefore, metallic components in the area of the connecting edges must go through a process to clean dirty weld seams and remove patches of corrosion. BLG would be happy to look after this cleaning for you. We use conventional cleaning technology and state-of-the-art laser equipment.

Cleaning of materials

Before incorporation into equipment, materials often have to be sufficiently clean. BLG cleans the components on demand within the specified time window. The cleaning steps, which are generally manual (in the case of porcelain, for example) require many years of experience with material properties and types of cleaning. 

Large washing plants for cleaning of components

Soiled components make subsequent processing more difficult and affect the processing speed as well as the product quality. Using immersion baths, large components are cleaned in accordance with a previously established procedure. The washing trays specially developed by BLG facilitate professional handling of the delicate materials. 

Cleaning-related value-added services at a glance:

  • Material surface cleaning using laser equipment
  • Cleaning of materials
  • Large washing plants for cleaning of components

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