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Assuring customs clearance is a matter of course for us: Separate customs regulations apply for each country and each product, and these change frequently. As an authorized economic operator (AEO), we make a trustworthy partner for our customers in the entire area of customs clearance. This leaves our customers free to concentrate on their core business, while we keep track of the necessary documents and the current regulations and we work with certified software solutions.

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Best-before-date / batch tracking

In food logistics, we offer you transparent inventory management and warehouse management including best-before-date and batch tracking. The best-before date is a mandatory element for labeling foods.

Customer service / call center

We guarantee fast, detailed processing of your customer contacts. At your request we can also register them directly in your system. This could include for instance triggering a new order after a return, or evaluating customer comments on returns forms. According to your wishes, we can provide a call center and answer your customers' questions.

Customs clearance / import and export management

Customs clearance requires extensive knowledge of customs law. Separate customs regulations apply in every country and to each product. As an authorized economic operator (AEO), we are your trustworthy partner for the entire customs clearance process. We work with the licensed software solution Advantage Customs. The customs solutions can be smoothly integrated into the customer-specific IT infrastructure.  We have many years of experience in working with our own connection and administration software in conjunction with the customs ATLAS system.

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Customs warehouse

A customs warehouse is a goods warehouse for interim storage that is not subject to tax or customs duty.

Development of sea fastening solutions

You can also engage us to develop and build grillages and sea fastening solutions for maritime transport, for instance for jackets and tripods.

Export declarations (AES)

An export declaration is mandatory for exports with a statistical goods value of over € 1,000 to a third country. It must be submitted in electronic form to the responsible customs office. In the EU, this system is known as the "Automated Export System" (AES). At your request, we can take care of this. 

Freeport warehouses

A freeport or free zone is a customs-free area in which no customs duties or import sales taxes are due for imports from non-EU countries.  Goods can be stored indefinitely in freeports / free zones. Fees (customs duty and EU tax) are only due when the goods are imported into the country proper. We can arrange for your goods to be stored in a customs-free area.

Insurance & customs clearance for maritime transports

Our range of maritime transport solutions is supplemented by all types of customs clearance (import and export), upstream and downstream organization, and electronic loading orders for all North Sea ports. We ensure you get the necessary forwarding documents and transport insurance, design seaworthy packaging, plan container stowage, book or charter space on vessels, and provide logistics for ship spare parts.

Processing traffic / processing procedure

Processing is a procedure under customs law which means you can claim customs duty exemptions. This is possible when third-country goods (goods from non-EU countries) are processed in the EU or EU goods are processed in third countries. A distinction is made between inward and outward processing. We handle this processing procedure for you.

Quality assurance

We regularly carry out in-house process and service audits to ensure we always maintain and implement our own quality standards in our services. Furthermore, we support you in your own quality assurance activities.

Quality inspections

On your order and in close cooperation with you, we perform extensive quality inspections. Included here are: Incoming goods inspections, completeness checks, and checking of material, functionality, and fit. Also available to you are extras such as functional testing, extensive material inspection, and product reworking. We also perform operative quality inspections.

Quality management

Our certified routines and processes guarantee the quality of our services. The tools and methods of our QM system support the top quality of our services, ensuring constant monitoring and optimization of quality variables, sequences, and improvements.

Single vehicle transfers

We transfer single automobiles and trucks anywhere in Europe, either driven directly or transported on trailers. Our trained drivers get your vehicle safely to its destination.


SPMT stands for Self-Propelled Modular Transporter. This means individual transport modules are joined together to form a single platform. The drivable unit is steered by an electronic control system. We offer this service particularly for heavy-load transports.

Stowage inspection

From heavy goods to construction and agricultural vehicles, from high-quality steel to easily damaged forestry products and finished vehicles – we are your reliable and experienced partner in all aspects of consulting, planning, and implementation of lashing solutions. We will also be happy to perform stowing or lashing work for you. Expert stowage is essential for safety of the ship and crew, as well as the load itself.

Systematic engineering

Especially when it comes to large projects, our experienced engineering team provides invaluable services. They include not only the technical planning of all transport, storage, and handling processes, but also the development and production of warehouse, transport, and carrier systems on a modular basis, and the compilation of method statements.


We see tallying as a holistic process within load checking. That means we take care of issuing the required transport documents, ship space planning, and the entire forwarding process for imports and exports. At all times, we report to you on the course of tallying as well as discharging and lading processes, and reliably ensure compliance with delivery dates.

Tracking / tracing

Tracking and tracing tell you where goods are in the supply chain at a certain point in time. We apply modern tracking and tracing systems to track the transport of your products and guarantee seamless merchandise management.

Transit procedure according to NCTS / Order issuing and management of permits and simplified transit procedure

NCTS (New Computerized Transit System) is a computer-aided customs system. In Germany, the ATLAS program is used as an NCTS solution. We use the required, certified customs program so we can offer you this transit procedure.
We hold various approvals, e.g. for the simplified transit procedure (NCTS). It is possible using this simplified transit procedure to move non-community goods between EU and EFTA countries under certain conditions.

Veterinary cooperation

Top levels of care and responsibility are required in food and cold store logistics. That's why we have a veterinary checkpoint right next to our cold store in Bremerhaven.

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